Fortnite NPC Item Drop Rates Chapter 2 Season 6

The NPCs must get lonely if they have to offer us gifts to talk to them.

The NPCs in Fortnite Season 5 might have been moved or dropped in Season 6, but we still have a reason to search for them! Season 6 has given all NPCs on the map a percentage to drop different items. These items range from Common rarity (like resources) to Legendary rarity.

Fortnite NPC Item Drop Rates

If you're looking for the NPC locations, you can find them with our NPC Location Guide. When you approach one of the NPCs and interact with them, they will drop one of the items listed below. The likelihood of each item being dropped depends on how rare the item is.

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  • 100 Wood: 12.35%
  • 100 Stone: 12.35%
  • 100 Metal: 12.35%
  • 2 Animal Bones: 12.35%
  • 2 Mechanical Parts: 12.35%
  • 5 Bandages: 12.35%
  • 3 Mini Shields: 12.35%
  • 1 Med-Kit: 6.17%
  • 1 Big Shield: 6.17%
  • 1 Legendary Sub-Machine Gun: 0.41%
  • 1 Legendary Assault Rifle: 0.41%
  • 1 Legendary Pump Shotgun: 0.41%

For those of you that are good at arithmetic, you might notice the percentages above only total 99.99%. To that we say: just enjoy the game, sheesh.

We have coverage of all the changes in Fortnite Season 6! Be sure to check out our Full Guide for Season 6 to get the Milestones, Challenges, Legacies, and more!

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